QuadJacks Bum Rushes Howard Lederer

Well, this answers the “Is Howard Lederer in Las Vegas?” questions lingering out there.

In a vid that reminds us a lot of RawVegas.tv’s Russ Hamilton bum rush, QuadJacks got Howard Lederer‘s whereabouts went lights, camera, action on him.

Nothing of note really happened from there. The excepted “No comment,” and “When we’re ready,” from Bub, but again, hey, there he is, and credit QuadJacks for trying.

Now, this was somewhat of a missed opportunity. Marco could’ve hit a little harder, asking Howard if he was surprised he wasn’t indicted, or for his thoughts on Phil Ivey or the lawsuit. Or if it’s true Full Tilt has turned down a white knight offer to get the company out of its shitstorm situation and pay U.S. customers back–but maybe next time.


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  1. Chinaman

    June 24, 2011 7:14 pm, Reply

    Wow, you guys were nice calling that “trying” on the part of quadjacks. Jesus. They stake this guy out and that’s the best they’ve got when they finally see him?

  2. ShamrockBaby

    June 24, 2011 8:23 pm, Reply

    Marco appears to be too nice a guy for that.  Somebody that enjoys confrontation needs to ask Howard the coward.  Not that the response would be any different.

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