Quick Hits On WPT Season 4 Premiere

As discussed yesterday, the fourth season of the WPT aired last night, with Gavin Smith taking the $1+ million prize against 2006 National Heads-Up champ Ted Forrest.  Some quick hits on the show:

Gavinsmith1 :: If Kido Pham’s totally pre-conceived, pre-meditated, rehearsed, sunglassed shtick of, "Can you see me now?" becomes a poker table catch-phrase, then shame on you all.  Shame–on–you–all. 

:: Does a clearly pregnant Gavin Smith’s winning of a WPT event trump Annie Duke’s 8-months-pregnant WSOP ME top 10 finish in the "Greatest Feats Accomplished in Poker While Pregnant" pantheon?

:: While she’d still be hotter than 99% of the girls in any room and did an admirable job, Courtney Friel is no Shana Hiatt.  It’s not her fault.  These things never work out.  It’s like when that one blond girl on Three’s Company replaced that other blond girl.  It’s just never the same.

* Gavin Smith photo from Card Player.


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