Quien es mas macho? Senor Pitt o Senor Clooney?






There may be a rift between George Clooney and Brad Pitt.

Word on the street (i.e., press) is that OSCAR WINNER GEORGE CLOONEY ain’t happy that his bud, oscarnomineebradpitt, backed out of a plan to build a Vegas resort with him–only later to consider building a similar resort in Palm Springs.

Apparently, George doesn’t remember what Pitt did to his wife, Jennifer Anniston.

We didn’t.

Oh yes we did.

Clooney and Pitt, otherwise known as CloonPitt, were investors in Las Ramblas, an 11-building complex off the Strip worth $3 bills. The latter half of CloonPitt–Pitt–decided that the deal wasn’t to his liking. Likely because Cindy Crawford’s weird husband, Rande (yes, Rande) Gerber was involved*.

Jolie2However, this could all just be conjecture, or something else that means something is not true or speculative, as Clooney’s agent claims that any talk of Pitt backing out of an arrangement is an "out and out fabrication" unless of course he’s backing out of an arrangement to bang Angelina Jolie utterly senseless**.

Not that we’d blame him for that.

*Unsubstantiated but come on, possibly true. Dude is creepy.  **Quote is true, last part of sentence "technically" isn’t.

UPDATE: First the Bradifer split. Then CloonPitt. Now is Bradgelina coming to an end too? Enquiring minds can go to WWTDD.com to find out. All we’re saying here is that a source said, “Brad and Ange have been fighting like cats and dogs over where to have the baby, over whether Angelina should continue to fly and also over her thinness,” which is pretty much what WWTDD.com says but he also has a story about Tom Cruise getting his ass beat. So he has that going for him.


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    April 6, 2006 4:32 pm, Reply

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