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Around 6pm last night on popular Las Vegas radio station X107.5’s Xtreme Disorder, Gavin Smith offered $1,000 for a girl to come to the studio, take her top off, and have clam chowder dumped on her head.

The phone lines lit up. A porn star with double D’s wanted the cash. Chaos ensued.

What started out as a standard promo for and Prop Bets quickly turned into Howard Stern-esque air wave orgy. Appearing with lead anchor Denise Pernula and host Lauren Boiros, Gavin got involved in a prop bet with a 19 year-old X107.5 listener, Dan. The bet: who could take the most belly slaps from Denise and Lauren.

The loser was to get clam chowder dumped on his head from 10 feet above.

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From the Xtreme Disorder website:

"Lauren and Denise delivered the slaps. The men were stoic. The clipboards were unpacked. The girls began smashing the hard clipboards across the bellies. BIG difference. Denise and Lauren got visibly excited. In the end, Gavin couldn’t take it, and ponied up the $800.

Gavin then decided that he needed to see a chowdering. He offered up $1000 to ANYONE who would take a chowdering. The phones went insane. Gavin changed his mind- it had to be a girl, and she had to be topless.

Ruca was the first- she also told Gavin that she had DDs.

While everyone waited for Ruca, Brian Black asked the lovely Denise and the equally enticing Lauren how much they would take to be chowdered. Lauren quickly said “ten grand”. Denisre said five. Big mistake. Gavin quickly talked the money men behind to pony up the dough- but Denise had to be topless with Xtreme Disorder stickers on her boobs."

The crew went outside to the stairwell where the chowder is dropped. Ruca was to get chowdered first. She took her top off. Cars began driving by in the parking lot. One truck with two Mexican men in their 40’s circled repeatedly. Seriously, they drove by a good four or five times.

Listener Dan decided to get in on the action with Ruca, taking his shirt off as well. So Gavin decided to make it even more interesting by holding on to the money he owed Ruca and Dan. They still had to earn it. They had to make out while the chowder was being dropped.

And they did. Chowder fell. Some got in Ruca’s mouth.

The truck with two Mexicans circled again. Gavin stopped the truck and had Ruca, still covered in chowder, hug the two men. They gladly obliged.

Denise went next. Pics of the before and after here, here, and here.

Pics from the entire broadcast here.

Look for vid previews of this latest Prop Bets webisode on over the next day with a special webisode of the clam chowdering next week.

UPDATED: The promo for next week’s “Prop Bets” is now up at Click “play” below.


7 Responses

  1. WayneBullet

    March 8, 2007 7:43 pm, Reply

    Clam chowder on a porn star, is that it? She has had much worse dropped on her I am sure. For a grand I would have clam chowder dropped on me. Hell, I would do it for $10.

  2. what

    March 9, 2007 11:37 am, Reply

    I agree with the guy who already posted. Clam chowder? What the fuck? Id do that for one dollar, never mind 10.


    March 10, 2007 3:39 pm, Reply

    Nice boobies my butt, she’s on her 3rd set of breast implants…flattern a pancake otherwise! Can’t you see the margins, and one’s even rippled? Look at the right boob (upper arch of implant). This is like reliving nightmares of junior high school. Is this news? Vegas news? Easily entertained…

  4. Robbie

    March 10, 2007 8:09 pm, Reply

    flatter than a pancake? Sweet, glad she did something about that. As for you, what a pathetic piece of crap.

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