Rafa Nadal Wins EPT Prague Charity Poker Event

"Holy shit, this really just happened."

“Holy shit, this really just happened.”

Batting a thousand here.

The world’s current #1 tennis player (and star), Rafa Nadal, won his first ever live poker tournament, capturing the EPT Charity Challenge title.

The event was a single table exhibition, but still, file this one in the “Good for Poker” category. Having one of the biggest global icons and a genuine high character celeb like Nadal bink a poker tournament for charity is much, much, muuuuuch more of the kind of ink poker needs to get mainstream media run and draw new players to the game.

For the win, Nadal earns €50,000 for his charity, The Good Hand Project.

The win and publicity is certainly welcome for PokerStars, having taken one on the chin in New Jersey earlier this week.

Nadal aced Fatima Moreira de Melo, a woman, heads-up for the title.

Get a full recap of the win here.


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