Rags to Riches, A Woman, Wins Belmont Stakes…Can a Woman Win the WSOP Ladies Event Next?

It was ingenius. Jockey John Velazquez, seconds before the Belmont Stakes began, whispered, "Rags, there’s a shoe sale at Nordstrom’s I promise I’ll take you to as soon as you finish this race."

And like that, history was made, as Rags to Riches became the first female anything to ever win a competition against men.

LesbiansAnd in an ironic twist, FOWCP Michele Lewis and a few other beauties look to become the first female to do the same, but this time, the competition is poker. At the Rio. In the Ladies Only $1,000 NLH Event.

Now some of you might be thinking, "Heeeeeey, wait a minute. By nature, isn’t a ‘Ladies Only’ event mean that only a woman could possibly win the event?"

While in most cases that might be true, in this case, not so much. Lotta dikes walking around the Rio today. Lotta dikes. Not the hot kind (like at right) either. No, they’re all the kind that look like dudes.


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  1. Alex '5th Grader' Outhred

    June 11, 2007 7:00 am, Reply

    Just for the record- we were happy to have Michelle Lewis hang at the wsopacdemy ladies event, taking notes at Joe Navarro’s session and others. It was clear she had some serious skill, making some solid decisions and advanced plays during the private satellite/tournament- we’re pulling for her and a few others that are still in the field (Dana Reutter is our top chipholder)… OKay enough of the plugs- you guys are uh cool and are rumored to be awesome. :)

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