Raising Hellmuth, Part II

HellminstandsWe’re officially 20 minutes into: Raising Hellmuth 2005.

Phil Hellmuth is down to 17k now after suffering a bad beat. His A-K lost to a K-J when a J hit on the river. Phil just walked behind Chops, and Chops asked him: “Hey, how would you continue writing this?” Phil’s reply:

“Say he’s steaming, walking around the room. The cameras are following him but he’s having fun.”

For someone known for long tirades and rants, that’s the best, most succinct and accurate statement Hellmuth has ever made. Hopefully that snippet makes ESPN.

Here’s how it broke down. After the Jack spiked on the river, Phil began Raising Hellmuth 2005 by going into the stands and talking to his wife. Then, he walked behind the ESPN stage and shuffled tunes on his iPod. Next, he showed all the media members how many chips he had left by pointing at his stack in the ESPN monitor and also informed us that he wouldn’t be playing the next few hands. Then, like the Pied Piper, Hellmuth led the ESPN camera crew across the Rio convention lobby as he chatted with players, himself, cameras, spectators, and anything else that would listen. Lastly, he kicked back a Full Throttle energy drink and then settled back into his seat.

This was classic stuff. Watch for it on the ESPN telecast.



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