Raising Hellmuth

Hellmuthdisgust_1Phil Hellmuth is getting knocked around right now.  Right before the break (and right before moving to the featured table), Phil’s table has been coming over the top on him time and time again.  If Johnny Cochran were writing this, he’d say, "If Phil is in a pot, they’re coming over the top."  Maybe it’s because players know Phil doesn’t like putting his chips at risk in tournaments unless he’s got a monster.  Or maybe it’s because they just want to say, "I bullied Phil Hellmuth." 

Whatever the case, Hellmuth isn’t happy about it.  He’s been jawing (do people still say that?) with one guy in a black Poker Stars shirt (seen below) named Mike Kleinstub from Lubbock, TX.  Mike is in almost every pot, and Phil’s been giving him plenty of guff (do people still say that?).  Earlier in the day, Phil got into it with Mike (and online players in particular), how they play every hand, and how he’ll have to "play every hand" and bet huge to "scare all of [them] off."  Mike tells Phil, "If you win this hand, I’ll slow down a bit."  On the flop, Phil bets 1600, Mike immediately folds.  And you don’t hear a word from Mike (or anyone) for 5 minutes.  It’s stone cold silent at the table.  Then the ESPN cameras show up, and an older guy who hadn’t said a word all day, suddenly says (as a boom mic lowers near his face), "I can’t stand players who whine all of the time."  Phil stops, looks at him, and gets in a good zinger (do people still say that?), "Does anyone see cameras around?"  Phil won’t let anyone out-Phil Phil.  Nice work.

Then the last hand before the break, Phil is the small blind and raises to 1200.  The big blind, Daniel Baldev, pushes his remaining 3600 in.  Hellmuth asks him, "Are you the kind of guy that pushes all in with Queen-Seven?"  and folds.  Daniel smirks.  Phil leaves in a hurry, primed to make some good TV as his whole group is moved to the featured table.  Watch for him and the Mike (on right in below pic) trading jabs. Mike and Phil hold the chip lead at their table right now.


And speaking of Poker Stars, the site has sent around 1,000 players to this year’s Main Event (or about 1/6 of the field).  Sandman is one of them, and he’s still doing well, now sitting on 15k.


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  1. Mike Kleinstub

    July 12, 2005 11:20 pm, Reply

    What a great experience.Thanks for the memories..and watch me bluff at Hellmuth and win on ESPN October 11th !

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