Rajkumar, Matusow, Sexton Still Alive at WPT Bay 101

Mark Dickstein (left foreground) tries to comprehend how last night's American Idol was so terrible.

Like the movie Fast and Furious, action was fast and furious* at the 2011 WPT Bay 101 on Wednesday. Of the 174 players who started Day 2, only 24 survived.

Leading the way is Joris Springael, who is shockingly from Germany, with 1,477,000. He’s followed by Alan Sternberg with 1,106,000.

Vivek Rajkumar is third overall, stacked at 1,076,000. Our pick to win it, Galen Hall, enters Day 3 with 424,000.

Only three so-called “Shooting StarsTM” remain: Mike Sexton (361,000), Mike Matusow (352,000), and Mike Kathy Liebert, a woman (351,000).

Mark Dickstein has 477,000.

Get full chip counts/recap here.

* Going old school with that one.



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