RawVegas.tv’s “Shadow Heights” at the AVN in Las Vegas

DeniseavnWe’re not going to tell you every time a new video posts over at RawVegas.tv but we will give you the heads up when it’s a video of the divinely delectable Denise Pernula (aka “Shadow Heights”) talking and acting out sexual positions with porn stars like Mya Luana, star of Cream My Crack, as well as 30 plus other “adult films”.

And while we’re talking RawVegas.tv, make sure to catch up on all the Las Vegas news you need to know each and every day with Denise and her Raw Daily reports.


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  1. Kid Dynamite

    January 30, 2007 2:21 pm, Reply

    ok, let’s talk.. 1) Ashton Moore is like a younger Jenna Jamison – it’s scary.. 2) Memphis Monroe – wow.. everything about her screams “ignorant slut”..perfect…3) the amazing thing about a lot of these porn stars is that they go through a serious transformation from mediocre looking chick to smokin’ slutbag – Jenna was one of the first, and there was another in an HBO special whose name i forgot…
    i like Denise’s signoff: “if that didn’t get you wet and hard…”
    actually, Denise, it takes slightly more than that to get a degenerate like me up to 1/2 mast…

  2. YCO123

    February 1, 2007 9:07 pm, Reply

    what’s his name? Fred something? That’s pretty cool! Although isn’t rawvegas.tv a bit of a downshift for someone with his fame?

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