Really Bad Headline Alert: March Madseness? Phenom Leads WPT Shooting Star — Sebok Still Strong in Second

2007shooting_onJeff Madsen is to poker what the Entities that comprise Wicked Chops Poker are to globe-trotting, yachting, funding guerrilla armies in third world countries to overthrow oppressive regimes, and banging super hot chicks before we married super hot chicks.

As in, Jeff Madsen is too good for his own good. This kid’s game is sick.

With 36 players remaining, the 2006 WSOP Player of the Year leads the WPT Shooting Star, stacked at 706k.

In second overall is Madsen’s good friend, Joe Sebok. Clearly Joe’s success in 2007 all stems from the confidence he’s gained from his thorough domination of Gavin Smith in his Prop Bets show on Clearly. Sebok is second overall with 603k.

Other big names still around include Nenad Medic, Joe Pelton, woman J.J. Liu, Bill Edler, James Van Alstyne, David Williams, Clint Baskin, Ted Forrest, and Erik Siedel. So yeah, lots of big names still around.


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