Recapping Day 1C: Negreanu, Raymer, Shorr Among Leaders

It was a day filled with fast action, bad beats, suck outs and lucky draws.

Yep, still funny.

Day 1B wrapped with 867 players making it through. Where Card Player chip counts for Day 1B didn’t have anyone breaking the 100k barrier (although WSOP counts just released have Hossein Tagh Avi, who may or may not be Muslim, at 240k, as well as a few others over 100k), *unofficial* chip counts for Day 1C have five busting through 100k. Adam Jones, someone who we know absolutely nothing about, supposedly leads them all with 123k. If you by happenstance know anything about Adam Jones, please, for the love of God, let us know…so we can share.

Shannon Shorr–the guy with the girl’s name who has done something no man has ever done before–is among the leaders, stacked at 95k. Other notable big stacks include Daniel Negreanu (78,500), Greg Raymer (48,900), Josh Arieh (35,000), Tom McEvoy (32,000), Lynette Chan (7,000), and FOWCP Lacey Jones (sameish).

Big name busts include Mike "the Mouth" Matusow, Phil Gordon, Mark Seif, Sam Farha, Jennifer Harmon, "Minneapolis" Jim Meehan, Antonio Esfandiari, Steve Dannenmann, and T.J. Cloutier.

Fortunately for the good citizens of Nevada, Bob Stupak was also eliminated, meaning he has more time to develop an actual platform other than "Hey, I’m Bob Stupak" for his [doomed] run at Lt. Governor.

Finally, FOWCP Vaughn Sandman made it through six table switches–including a featured table showing with Mike the Mouth–to finish with 34,225.


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