Reebok Easytone Commercial Brings You Today’s Poker News

Hats off to Reebok for going a bit more aggressive in their advertising approach. Although we’re not sure if their Reebok Easytone commercial is getting the right audience talking. Although we’re not complaining.

On with the first link dump of 2010.

:: We first speculated that Gilbert Arenas‘ gambling debt to Javaris Crittenton may have been poker related and now that appears to be the case. [link]

:: Tony G may stake isildur1 and now says that the mystery Swede is not Viktor Blom. [link]

:: The latest episode of Poker2Nite. [link]

:: Bill Rini gives out his Worst Affiliate Manager Award. [link]

:: Is the Aria going to give Phil Ivey a Bobby’s Room equivalent? [link

:: Team Bodog sheds another pro, saying good-bye to Justin Bonomo. [link]

:: And finally, at least somebody is making some resolutions (sort of). [link]

And if you haven’t gotten your hot girl fix yet today, head over to MMA Fix for Kenda Perez pics.


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  1. BJ Nemeth

    January 4, 2010 1:37 pm, Reply

    Correction: Tony G hasn’t reversed himself on his claim that Isildur1 is actually Viktor Blom.

    In his most recent blog (Dec 20, 2009), Tony G says that he definitely knows Isildur’s identity (presumably leading to the PokerNews interview), but that he refuses to reveal it. Tony G does backtrack his earlier claims by saying he was only “guessing” back then, but he never goes so far as to reverse his earlier claim that Isildur is *not* Viktor Blom.

    The article you linked to could be misinterpreted because the sentence after Tony G repeats the December claim from Bluff Europe that Viktor Blom was not Isildur1. (Although if someone is actively keeping their identity a secret, why would they give themselves up over the phone?)

    I still contend that Viktor Blom is Isildur1.

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