Reminder: PokerStars Blogger Tourney This Sunday

Chops hereTM.

Even though about 2000 blogs have registered, if you’re one of the six remaining poker bloggers on Earth that has not entered yet, get to PokerStars now and sign up for their Online Poker Blogger Championship.  [Third-person reference warning] Chops and Snake will be spewing virtual chips, and a rare Addict appearance is possible if he can get out of some previous commitments. 

And even though we hate the word, while we’re "pimping" here, a big "thank you" to PokerStars for the rec and for the goods

Poker Championship

Wicked Chops Poker is playing in the:
Online Poker Blogger Championship.

So if you haven’t already (Addict), go register already…


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  1. Chops

    October 24, 2005 1:39 pm, Reply

    Averaged out, we did better than like 65% of the field. So if this was baseball, we’d be freaking awesome.

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