Rene Angelil Teaching 8-Year-Old Son To Play Poker

Rene-celineThe website Starpulse is reporting that Celine Dion's kind of creepy perv husband Rene Angelil is teaching their eight-year-old son how to play poker, hoping that it will give him a healthy attitude towards gambling.

Says the site:

"Record boss Angelil has battled the vice for more than 30 years and fears young Rene-Charles will inherit his gambling genes if he doesn't learn to play cards responsibly. So the pair spend evenings playing poker together. In an interview with Canadian publication Le Journal de Montreal, Angelil reveals, "Our son has superior intelligence, and it's good that he's learning in a good way."

In one way this is pretty cool. Kids should learn poker. Teach them early that life is cruel and unfair.

And it isn't really surprising that Rene is doing this since he has a track record of getting in the pants intimately involved with the lives of young people. We're just not sure a gambling addict teaching his young son to gamble is the right way to go about doing it. Isn't this kind of like Danny Gokey teaching a group of kids how to exploit the memory of their dead wife one day? Regardless, this kid is going to be fucked up any way you slice it. His parents are Rene Angelil and Celine Dion. He would have a better chance growing up to be normal if he was raised by a herd of goats. Or Layne Flack. Same difference.

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