Report: Gilbert Arenas Draws Gun In Locker Room Over Gambling Debt?

Waaaaaiiiit a minute...are we looking at the real isildur1?

ESPN is reporting today that Washington Wizards star, blogger, and WCP fave Gilbert Arenas and teammate Javaris Crittenton may have drawn guns on each other in the locker room on Christmas Eve.

The dispute was allegedly over a gambling debt that Arenas owes to Crittenton.

Now “some” of you might remember back in 2006 when it was reported on CNN and here that Arenas was playing online poker at halftime during games.

So while we make it a daily practice to don’t like jumping to conclusions, could the gambling debt been poker related? Can we go there? Na’ah you didn’t. Oh yes we did.

Sorry, it’s New Year’s Day. Not particularly sharp right now. Drink drink glug glug snort snort inject inject.

Read more about the incident here.


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