Richard Lee is Here at the 2007 WSOP, Not in Jail, Still Loves His San Antonio T-Shirt

Richardleevideo_1_2_2Richard Lee, the poker player who made headlines last year after finishing sixth in the Main Event at the 2006 WSOP only to return home to San Antonio and have his house raided and his bank accounts frozen for running an illegal gambling operation, was seen today in the hallway of the Rio All-Suites Hotel & Casino, apparently getting ready to play in this year’s event.

As expected, the man known as the Chinaman and “biggest bookie in town” was wearing the same San Antonio t-shirt he wore repeatedly last year at the WSOP and in numerous TV interviews after the raid.

The shirt strangely became Lee’s rallying cry last summer as he attempted to sway public opinion in San Antonio. In one interview he rambled on incessantly about the shirt saying:

“What I came here to say today is…I’m wearing this San Antonio t-shirt…this happens to be the same t-shirt I wore during the WSOP.”

“I was proud as hell to wear this t-shirt.”

“Rather than taking the endorsement money [from online gaming sites at the WSOP final table]…I’m just gonna wear [this San Antonio t-shirt]…and try to do something nice for the city.”

While we weren’t surprised to see Lee in his San Antonio t-shirt today (although it’s still surprising to us that someone can be proud about living in San Antonio), we were surprised to not see him in jail considering he was allegedly running an Internet gambling site called and had a mountain of evidence against him. The San Antonio news has strangely been quiet about the Richard Lee case since last year, only mentioning him once recently when another operation was raided in May. No formal charges have ever been brought against the Chinaman, which may have more to do with the fact that Lee’s operation implicated the names of promiment San Antonio figures and less with him being innocent of any city, state or federal laws.

In other Lee news, no sighting of his hot daughters yet.


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