Richard Lee Loves San Antonio, His T-Shirt, and His Freedom

Richardleevideo_1Maybe Richard Lee took our praise of his adept message control in response to the illegal gambling allegations against him a little too much to heart.

With legal evidence against Richard Lee reportedly mounting, the 2006 WSOP sixth place finisher, wearing his favorite San Antonio t-shirt, went on the offensive yet again, holding a press conference to begin swaying the public’s opinion his way by saying:

  1. He loves San Antonio.
  2. He loves his San Antonio t-shirt.
  3. He turned down lots of money from online sites to wear his San Antonio t-shirt during the WSOP final table.
  4. Which if you read between the lines, then how can someone who loves San Antonio THIS MUCH and even turned down money from ONLINE GAME SITES because of his love of San Antonio, EVER be guilty of running illegal gambling operations.
  5. And if you read even more between the lines, he loves his freedom. So please don’t let them send him to jail. Because he is San Antonio’s favorite son, and it would be very un-San Antonian of you to let them send him to jail.

We haven’t seen this kind of blatantly obvious yet slightly amusing spinmiestering since the Clinton administration.

This spinmiestering is an interesting tactic by Lee. As you know, District Attorney’s are elected officials. So in high-profile cases, it’s important for them not to just build a strong case to win the legal battle, but also to win the case in the court of public opinion. Just look at how DA Mike Nifong tried to use the Duke lacrosse rape case as a means to win re-election.

In the linked clip, Lee goes on, and on, and just when you think he can go on no longer, he goes on and on and on some more to express his love for San Antonio. In our experience, when you feel the need to so desperately get the public on your side by going after their hearts, yet neglecting to really go after their minds, it’s usually because you know the hammer is about to drop on you. Hard. The reality is, Lee knows the charges against him are serious and probably knows the evidence is solid, despite his claims that he is "unaware" that anything he did was wrong. Lee is likely starting to realize he may be spending some time behind bars, and perhaps feels that getting the public on his side may be his one-outer on the river.

Watch Lee’s latest press conference here, and if you don’t have the patience to view the entire clip, we’ve captured some of his comments after the jump.

"What I came here to say today is…I’m wearing this San Antonio t-shirt…this happens to be the same t-shirt I wore during the WSOP."

"I was proud as hell to wear this t-shirt."

"I love this city. I’m proud to say I’m a resident of this city…I’ve lived…in this city for 54 years."

"Rather than taking the endorsement money [from online gaming sites at the WSOP final table]…I’m just gonna wear [this San Antonio t-shirt]…and try to do something nice for the city."

"I just, my father…was the first Asian/Chinese American representative from the state of Texas. And I was proud as hell of him."

"If you’re word is no good, then you are no good."

"I’ve tried to live my life with integrity."

"I love this city." (another 147 times)


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