Rockne, Rudy, The Gipper . . . Snake

Jesuslovesnotre_dame_1Yes, I am a Notre Dame alum, and as I’ve told Chops, I can’t stand the hype surrounding the game with USC this Saturday. Upsets don’t happen when every sports writer is saying you have a chance. They happen when no one gives you a chance. Do I have hope that the Irish can win? Hell yeh. Now more than ever; well, now more than ever since I was there from ’89-’93. Will I be watching the game and on the verge of a heart attack for three plus hours? Yes. The Addict and I will be watching from Shreveport this weekend, and I’m hoping that I won’t be put on a 48 hour tilt due to this game. Does ND need a little divine Touchdown Jesus to knock USC from their high Trojan horse? Indeed, and from the looks of this sign, J.H.C. is pumped for the game (thanks Drew for the pic).

Check out Oddjack for their take on the match-up and see what AJ from Oddjack had to say during Chops’ heads-up interview.


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  1. cgpop

    October 15, 2005 9:12 am, Reply

    It is a fashionable pick right now, but that shit doesn’t matter. I think old Chuck Weiss has these kids believing in themselves. They may still need some luck to win though. I took the 12 points and ran. Go Irish.

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