Rounders 2 Finally Gets the Go

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Rumors about a Rounders sequel have been swirling for years. But nothing ever even remotely got off the ground.

The stalled sequel had nothing to do with poor scripts or commitments from its stars (Matt Damon and Ed Norton). The movie simply ¬†couldn’t get made due to rights issues between Miramax and the Weinsteins.

However, it now looks like those obstacles have finally been cleared. The Weinstein Company (TWC) and Miramax announced an agreement on Thursday that opens the door for joint venture projects down the road. One of those projects is anticipated to be a Rounders sequel. Whether or not Mike McD ends being the face of a billion dollar online poker enterprise while Worm finds himself in New Zealand dodging his gambling debts, only to emerge when McD stumbles upon him at a tournament in Australia, remains to be seen.

Watch our interview from earlier this year with Matt Damon about a potential Rounders sequel in the above vid. Read more about the potential sequel here.


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