Rumor: Doyle Brunson Arrested


Doyle Brunson, the 73-year-old poker legend and the man behind online poker site, has been arrested, according to rumors, which if there’s one thing we know for certain is that all rumors are true. Whether Brunson was possiby nabbed as part of the Feds ongoing online gaming witch hunt or it’s connected to the SEC investigation regarding his unsolicited offer to buy the WPTE back in 2005 or he was busted for jaywalking, or we suppose in his case, jay-scootering, we haven’t a clue.

We first came across the rumor over at NeverwinPoker, which someone posted a link in their forum to this forum. We then checked, which doesn’t even mention Doyle’s name, and while we were reading that, the addict called over and said Tao of Poker had a bunch of links. Crap, even .Wikipedia has the rumor, so it’s got to be true.

Go get you’re read on at the links above and stay tuned for the latest here at Wicked Chops Poker.

Photo above is a Wicked Chops Poker shot of Doyle Brunson after he busted out of the 2006 WSOP Main Event.


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