Runner Runner Official Movie Trailer

The official movie trailer for Runner Runner dropped three days ago.

Has a lot of UB-scandal feel to it. Not sure if it’s the next Rounders, but it’s not exactly a high bar for this to become one of the top two or three poker movies of all-time. What do y’all think? Look good?

Our take: Looks a little cheesier than we hoped. Looks like Ben Affleck, who actually may know a thing or two about the UB scandal (at least being on the receiving end), is back to Gigli-days acting. We’re sure the math nerds who overran the industry probably think it needs more triple merge betting strategy.

And there’s clearly not Dennis Phillips in it.

However, there’s never enough “pushing guy with hands tied behind his back into lake full of alligators” in movies these days. So there’s that.


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