Russ Hamilton, 31 Others Behind Ultimate Bet Cheating Scandal, Says KGC Report

Usernames - Ultimate Bet Cheating Scandal

Click image to see the 117 usernames released today by the KGC in connection with the UB cheating scandal.

They say if you have bad news, release it on Friday. And if it’s really, really bad, release it on Friday, September 11, late in the day when the Entities are only thinking about shit like who the next Friday Night Parting Shot Girl should be.

With that said, it should come as no surprise that the folks at the Kahnawake Gaming Commission did the latter in waiting to release its final decision with regard to the Ultimate Bet online poker cheating scandal.

The findings are the result of a year long investigation into the scamming of millions of dollars from players allegedly conducted by Russ Hamilton and others at Ultimate Bet from June 2003 up until December 2007. As a result of the investigation Ultimate Bet’s owner Tokwiro Enterprises has been forced to pay $1.5 million in fines and reimburse more than $22 million to the players affected by the cheating.

Most noteworthy from the report is that a total of 31 individuals other than Hamilton (who was already named a year ago) have been identified by the KGC as being associated with the cheating scam, and all names have been turned over to law enforcement authorities (who knows where though). The names have not been released publicly but all 117 usernames are included in the report (click post image to see them all).

Our hunch is that it won’t be long before some others are named publicly, including some known poker pros.

After the jump, some noteworthy nuggets from the 11-page document the KGC released (download PDF here):

  • The incidences of cheating began in June 2003 and continued until December 2007.
  • In total, the Commission’s investigation revealed 23 accounts that had a total of 117 usemames that were used by the responsible individual(s) to facilitate the cheating incidences.
  • The money won by the cheating accounts was often disbursed throughout the UB site through player to-player transfers.
  • The evidence shows that Russ Hamilton was primarily responsible for and benefitted from the multiple cheating incidences.
  • The vast majority of the computer devices and IP addresses used by the cheating accounts were directly associated with Russ Hamilton. The vast majority of the cheating accounts transferred money through Russ Hamilton’s player accounts.
  • The investigation revealed 23 accounts that had a total of 117 usernames that were used by the responsible individual(s) to facilitate the cheating incidences.
  • Commission has provided extensive information to law enforcement authorities, including the names of 31 individuals who were associated, to varying degrees, with Russ Hamilton, the cheating accounts and/or transactions related to the cheating accounts.

11 Responses

  1. Lee

    September 12, 2009 2:05 pm, Reply

    Why are they not releasing the names of the other scum bags? Why are they protecting them? At least if the names are released there might be some kind if justice.

  2. Roger

    November 17, 2009 2:59 am, Reply

    I suspect that cheating is still going on, I have seen too many weird hands where someone went all in preflop with very bad hand when they were dominated. and then won, 6 9, 5 4, J 9, 3 5,K 4,A 2, K 10 vs AA, A 10 VS AA,

    There are too many times to mention here. I suspect the pest way in UB is to go all when you have the worst possible hand. Then UB will flop trip aces, then reward the worst (all in preflop) hand, with runner runner straigh or runner runner flush.


    • Jake Magoo

      November 17, 2009 6:59 am, Reply


      That happens at all of the sites. Poker Stars is called River Stars for a reason. Every third hand at Full Tilt is either a paired board, more often than not it is a flush or straight draw flop that gets there on the turn. If it is a rainbow flop, you know its going runner, runner.

      Full Tilt has to cheat because they need to pay millions to all the pros. Don’t drink the kool-aid when someone tells you that you play more hands online so you see more river beats. It is all corporate talking heads spoon feeding you some tasty BS.

  3. jamie murach

    January 26, 2010 2:24 pm, Reply

    It happens way more on ub, i’m also with poker stars. Ub is either still cheating or they made the software and game for the DONKS

  4. jiggerj

    September 3, 2010 1:37 pm, Reply

    Where the hell was the Kahnawake Gaming Commission all those years? Aren’t they responisble for investigating sites on a regular basis? Can’t remember when I stopped playing at U.B. (probably 2008), but the cheating was still going on and I told them in an e-mail to go eff themselves.

  5. Jake Burnman

    January 13, 2011 1:31 pm, Reply

    Just remember one thing: where there is easy money to be made there are crooks & cheats. That is just a basic fact of life !!! Players should wise up and boycott such nonsense.

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