Ryan Daut (Who?) Ryan Daut (Who?) Ryan Daut (…Who?) Wins WPT Caribbean Fantastical and We Don’t Care

Let’s make this quick: Isaac Haxton, Howard Stern’s love-child, had a Mongoloidian-sized chip lead throughout the WPT Caribbean Fantastical and out-stacked some guy named Ryan Daut 14M to 5M going into heads up play, but Haxton did not end up winning. Haxton sort of donked off his chips by moving all in on Daut with a gutshot straight draw, which Daut sort of made a donk call with just ace high, and Daut’s ace high held and he took over the chip lead and won the tourney.

For more in-depth "coverage" and poker writing that takes on more of a literary flavor, read all about it on Card Player. Their write-up is, well, it’s interesting. Not really sure how else to put it.


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  1. snake

    January 11, 2007 9:52 am, Reply

    more importantly though, quien es mas hotter in a bikini down in the Caribbean? Senorita Sabina o Senorita Shana?

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