Sabina Gadecki Is Not 12

Sabina_gadecki_wpt2_1 Earlier in the week we did some background work on Miss Polonii ≈öwiata 2002 and World Poker Tour Season 5 host, Sabina Gadecki. Generally, our conclusion was that she looked cute…if you were still in middle school or are addicted to My Space

She looked young, folks. 

The first event of WPT Season 5 wrapped this week (the Mirage Poker Showdown won by Stan Weiss), and Gadecki made her debutcki.  Looks like the WPT gave her the old Hollywood makeover, or she aged well the past few years since starring in Stone Street. She still looks young, but heck, she is young, and at least now your employer won’t arrest you or wonder about your taste in females if you make her your wallpaper.  Below are some pics from the WPT Web site and from Las Vegas Vegas, as the Prof snapped one as well.  Word on the street from those who have viewed some early Season 5 footage of Sabina is that she comes across as a "baby Shana," and should connect better with TV viewers than WPT Season 4 host, Courtney Friel, who apparently, like, didn’t. 

UPDATE: Also check out BJ Nemeth’s site for the first interview of Gadecki and more pics



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