Sammy “Killer” Reid Wins Brunch for the Bayou Tournament

Thanks to everyone who came out and played the Brunch for the Bayou charity poker tournament.

FinalistTwo WCP regulars made the final two.  Heads-up it was Steve "the Destroyer" Dalton against Sammy "Killer" Reid (pictured left and right, respectively, glare and all).  Sammy was swinging a monster stack and captured the first prize: two tix to Vegas and entry into a WSOP Circuit event. 

But here’s the best part…

Sammy called Chops at about 7:30am, about 5 hours before the event started.  Sammy had just GOTTEN HOME from a night of boozing.  Sammy (still drunk) asked Chops for a wake up call around 11. 

So at 11, Chops called.  Voicemail.  Chops leaves a threatening message telling Sammy to get to the game.  F-bombs were dropped.  At 11:30, Chops called again.  Chops leaves another threatening message.  At about 11:50, Chops called again.  Sammy awakes and in a none-to-happy-about-it tone says he’s up and on his way.

The last entrant to arrive, Sammy was the last to leave the table.   Congrats to Sammy. 

Also, as you noticed, CNN crews were at the event.  Whenever we get word that the CNN "American Spirit" segment with our tournament will air, we’ll let you know.  And a final special thanks to, the Tiltboys, Andrew Feldman at’s Poker Club, and Airtran for kicking in all of the great prizes.


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  1. Chops

    September 27, 2005 5:07 am, Reply

    Chops here. I’d like to add to this story that Sammy played some brilliant poker. Makes me want to re-evaluate my whole “sober” poker playing approach.

  2. Sammy "Killer" Reid

    September 27, 2005 6:29 am, Reply

    It really wasn’t quite as bad as Chops made it sound. I mean really, I think I only took 3 puke breaks during the entire tournament.

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