Sandman Down But Not Out

We just got word here in the media room that Vaughn Sandman has busted out of the WSOP.

But it was a bit premature.

The truth is that Vaughn has taken near fatal blows to his stack on a pair of hands, first with set over set (his sixes versus queens) and then a three way all in in which he had pocket Jacks against pocket Kings (Surinder Sunar) and A-K (the guy who now has Vaughn’s money because the board came A-3-2-9-A). The three way all-in gave said guy a 240k pot while knocking Sunar to the rail and Sandman down to about 30k. But Sandman is currently fighting back and tripled up to the 100k plus range when he was all in with A-9 against two A-10s. The flop came an Ace but a 9 on the river saved Vaughn’s day, for now.

Of note, Vaughn has been moved to a new table with today’s current chip leader, Kyle Bowker with 1.1 million.

Also of note, Vaughn is “royally buzzed” on Jack Daniels on ice and is now guaranteed at least a $38k cash.


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  1. snake

    August 5, 2006 4:56 pm, Reply

    At the end of the last level, Vaughn is in the 70k range, if that. Blinds will be 3-6k and antes a grand. $500 chips are being removed.

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