Sandman, Surinder + the Swede

Sandmantableday4We just spoke with Vaughn Sandman at the last break. Relaxed, confident and now just a bit below 450k, he is once again at an extremely tough table with Euro pro Surinder Sunar (seat 8) and Swede ace William Thorsson (seat 5) among the players seated with him.

We’ve watched Thorsson throughout the main event, and he has captained every table he’s been at and is clearly controlling Sandman’s table at the time. Well above the average stack and on Thorsson’s left, Sandman knows to be patient early on today as players fall left and right. But he’s ready to get value off the aggressive Swede or anyone else when the right hand comes along. Surinder Sunar, who is immediately to Sandman’s left and may or may not be a pirate, Sandmansurinderhas been playing shortstacked for the past two days and isn’t much of a threat, but a double up for the former WPT Grand Prix de Paris champ and he’ll be back in the action.

Sandman said the support he’s getting right now from friends near and far is overwhelming and very much appreciated. Please keep it up here and over at the 4th Street Poker Tour website.


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