Sara Jean Underwood Party Pics Bring You This Week’s Poker News Link Dump

Social media master Sara Underwood is hot. Social media master Sara Underwood surrounded by other hot girls is hotter.

Been a busy week for the Entities so let’s catch up on some poker news from around the so-called “Internet” link dump style.

:: WSOP PR guy Seth Palansky goes on QuadJacks and talks about the Epic‘s chances of success. [link]

:: Daniel Negreanu details the many reasons why he’s sitting out of Epic’s first event. [link]

:: So many twists and turns in this whole Portugese poker prodigy/DogIsHead/Jungleman scandal we can’t even keep track, but here’s a start at least. [link link link]

:: UPDATE to above, Daniel “Jungleman” Cates admits that it was he who played on Girah‘s account. [link]

:: As if they’re not big enough already, Zynga Poker will be added to the slate of Google+ games. [link]

:: 55 year-old casino exec A. Samuels is living the life. Seriously wft. And seriously why do we like it. [link]

:: And unless you don’t like hot girls and poker, don’t forget about the Kandykruise. [link]

More Playboy party photos of the face+body of Kandykruise 2011Sara Underwood, here.


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