Sara Tommasi Photos and Video Make for a Good Post

Sara Tommasi is ridiculously hot

Sara Tommasi just may be our new favorite Italian model who gets half-naked on Italian TV for a living.

Joe Tokwiro Norton and Frank Catania are uglying things up around here and frankly you guys are sucking at recommending girls in the WCP forum, so to remedy all of this enjoy some fantastically hot photos of Sara Tommasi from her MAX magazine photo spread.

Tommasi is an Italian model which, if you’ve been paying attention around here, means there’s guaranteed to be at least one video of her somewhere online dancing around in next to nothing while on some Italian TV show. Check out the one we found after the jump (it involves her washing herself on stage) and click away at the photos below. More pics here (NSFW-ish).

Sara Tommasi Another Hot Italian TV Host – Watch more free videos

Bonus one below . . .

Sara Tommasi sotto i vestiti niente…Funny bloopers are a click away


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