Sarah Larson is Friendly

Sarah Lawson is George Clooney's girlfriendYou may remember Sarah Larson. She’s the former promo model from Las Vegas who is currently dating occasional poker-er George Clooney and who may have lipsticked it to’s Jenny Woo during an affiliate convention in Amsterdam two years ago. You may also recall that the UK’s Sun published a bunch of photos of Larson back then showing her stuff off for the camera and was seen in one pic cozying up to online gambling publisher and editor Michael Caselli.

Well, more photos of Clooney’s girl are popping up online from her “wild” days in Las Vegas, and making an appearance in a couple of shots is‘s hostess hottie Andrea Tiede. You can see Andrea in the shot above on the left standing next to Larson, who looks to be saying hello to a guy friend by simulating getting banged against the wall. It may all seem a bit risque to those outside Vegas but it’s quite a common greeting here. Kind of like a hug or peck on the cheek, only friendlier.

The rest of the photos show Larson at Rehab last summer prancing around in her bikini, showing off her phenomenally perfect backside, getting down on all fours and sand wrestling some other half-naked chick. Again, it may appear somewhat salacious, but Sarah actually is a bit of a prude compared to most chicks at Rehab. Like the eyes-closed-drunk girl we saw last summer being dragged away by security with her thong down to her knees as she mumbled “C&ck, c#ck, I want some c@ck.” It was like she was in the desert for days and was in desperate need of water. Except this was the Hard Rock Hotel and she wanted c%ck. We really hope someone helped the girl out.

Check out the photos of Sarah (Andrea is in the first one) below and after the jump, and to see less modest girls doing their thing at Rehab go here (NSFW), here (NSFW), here (NSFW), here (NSFW) and here (NSFW). Btw, don’t click any of those unless you’re an adult and are prepared to hate yourself for spending last summer in Des Moines or Sandusky or whatever boring town you live in that isn’t Las Vegas.




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