Sarah Larson Keeps Getting Hotter to Us

Sarah Larson and Amber Nichole photo wearing belts on their faces?Hot photos of George Clooney‘s girlfriend Sarah Larson (above pic, on right) showing off her super fine body for the camera while being “fun” in Las Vegas with other hot girls, random dudes and inanimate objects keep coming, and with each batch she somehow gets hotter to us. Strange how that works.

And now, like it’s our birthday or something, there’s a video of Sarah Larson getting her wild on in Las Vegas with another chick. Check it out here (and some new photos here).

If the girl whose bum she’s licking in the video looks familiar to you, it’s former UFC Octagon Ring Girl Amber Nichole (above pic, on left), who you may remember as the girl Jenny Woo is tongue-ing here and Denise Pernula is lap dancing for in the below video.

Amber Nichole video
Andrea Tiede is Sarah Larson’s Hot Friend
Sarah Larson is Friendly


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