Sarah Taylor May Be Attractive

Sarahtaylorwsopeurope1 Sarahtaylorwsopeurope2 Sarahtaylorwsopeurope
We’re not exactly sure where Sarah Taylor is on the attractive scale but we do know that she is at the least stuck-on-an-elevator pretty, and word on the ground is that she’s the best thing going for superficial bastards like us at the World Series of Poker Europe, where the 20-something-year-old Brit was one of the Day 1A chipleaders and is playing today on Day 2A.

We suppose that’s not saying much considering her competition: Pamela Brunson, Annie Duke, Annette_15, Jenn Harman and Vicky Coren.

And before you send your hate mail, please understand that we’re not trying to take away anything from any of those girls. They’re all great poker players, for women, and some, not all, have great personalities. It’s just that we’re not so much guys who believe beauty is only skin deep (we don’t even know what that means) as we are guys who think good looks trump everything in life.

Even the ability to juggle.

Ok, just got word that Sarah Taylor was eliminated a second ago, thus possibly elevating Vicky Coren into the spotlight.

Slim pickings at the WSOP Europe.


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  1. harry smith

    October 27, 2007 6:10 pm, Reply

    Whats happened to that Sarah Taylor. Track her down and get some photos. Youre right Tommy i was in London too and she’s hot…

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