Saving One Naked Girl at a Time

SavebodogIn a marketing gimmick that we swear we had nothing to do with, a group called the Coalition Against Patent Trolls has launched the “Save” campaign, demanding the return of from the so-called “patent trolls” at 1st Technology LLC, which had swiped the URL away from Bodog after it obtained a default judgment in a Nevada court.

Billed as a “non-profit sector of CAPT,” the Save group has its own website,, that is blogging their photoshopped images well-orchestrated activities as well as providing links to a petition you can sign, t-shirts you can buy and even a “protester kit” you can download.

In a move straight out of PETA’s handbook, so much so that they are using the exact same naked girls on the exact same street corner posing the exact same way with the exact same “muffs” as PETA, the campaign has Bodog Girls getting naked and hitting the streets of New York City wrapped in signs that say “Save”

Says one distraught Bodog Girl, “It’s like, without I feel totally naked. Before all of this, I always felt safe behind our URL. Now it’s been stolen and locked away by some slimy rat bastard lawyer. Do you know how exposed that makes us feel? That’s why we’ve organized this naked protest. We want the world to see what we’re going through.”

Uh, drop the sign sweetie and then we’ll see what you’re going through. Or better yet, how about getting Joanna Krupa to go naked for the cause, as we’ve been calling on Bodog to do for two years now.

In related news, Bodog’s man-in-charge Calvin Ayre is using his personal blog to comment on a recent post by Frank Schilling, who thinks the whole to to was a poor move and that Calvin should have bought some generic domain like instead.

We thought long and hard about what Schilling had to say, and our counter-argument is that Schilling’s a dumbass. There was something else we had to say in response but it pretty much drew the same conclusion, that the guy’s a dumbass.

Ok, go look at some real Bodog Girls.


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