Scarf-Wearing Italian Not Named Dario Minieri Wins EPT Prague Title

We generally like Italians. They cook up some of the best food on the planet and Italian girls are pants down among the sexiest in the world and thanks to chauvinism and sexism still being very much celebrated in their culture
rather than frowned upon like in the rest of the so-called civilized
world, they have endless TV shows that objectify these girls by putting them on display in their next-to-nothings like they were cattle at an auction. Hot, long-legged, perfect asses cattle.

But for some reason, by looks alone, we want to punch Salvatore Bonavena, the Italian who won the European Poker Tour Prague title this past Saturday, in the face. Maybe it's the scarf he was wearing but then again maybe not. We don't want to punch Dario Minieri when we see him in a scarf. We want to hand him a lollipop, pat him on the head and say "Go run along little boy." Oh, and for good measure, sames goes with Massimo Di Cicco (foreground in pic), the runner-up and also an Italian. We want to punch him too. Again, for no real reason. We're just angry like that.

And apparently we aren't the only ones who have a negative opinion of these two Italians. Here's what a source on the ground emailed us about Sal and Massimo when they were heads up:

"The two Italians who are HU (right now) for the Prague Title are both utterly terrible players, I mean totally useless. It doesn't actually matter who wins, both are as bad. With apologies to the couple of good Italian players there are out there (the obvious ones). This event can be summed up as, 'Throw enough shit Italian players at a poker wall and one of them will stick.' Andrew Chen who finished 3rd was basically robbed by some true performances of Eurodonkery at it's finest."

Actually, we always thought if you threw enough shit Italian players at a poker wall, DEGO WOP!! Get it? See what we did there? We used derogatory terms for Italians and made it sound like "They go whop!" All righty, check out Owen Laukkanen's recap of the EPT Prague final table at PokerListings here then click away below at photos of Eleonara Pedron, the hottest Italian girl we've seen in the past cinque minuti.


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