Scary Things Happening at the Borgata Poker Open

Last week, Vanessa Rousso–a woman–did the unthinkable…she won a non-women’s only poker tournament.

Can lightning strike twice?

Jennifertilly981With just 27 rounders remaining, Jennifer Tilly–a woman–is fourth overall in chips at the WPT Borgata Poker Open.

This is scary. Not Robert Varkonyi apocalypse scary, but more like, "Crap, does this mean that my female peer will start earning as much money as me for doing the exact same job" kind of scary. Next thing you know, us males will be making beds upon our girlfriend’s/wive’s request and helping out with the dishes.

This could get ugly. Especially since Tilly has demonstrated some wicked poker chops over the past year plus. She won a WSOP bracelet in 2005 in the women’s only tournament, and won the WPT Ladies night last year as well. The lady can play.

Tilly is stacked at 874,000. Leading everyone going into Day 4 play is Athanasio Diakos, who is stacked at 1,555,000.

Other big names remaining include David Sklansky (462,000), John Phan (306,000), Barry Greenstein (299,000), and Lee Markholt (218,000).

Visit Card Player for full chip counts.


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