Scott Montgomery Robbed at Bellagio, Dating Annette Obrestad

Are Boris and Natasha secretly plotting to rob Scott Montgomery too? Sure looks like it. Watch your back, Scott.

Former November NinerTM and current WSOP bracelet winner and Canadian Scott Montgomery was robbed at knife-point at the Bellagio.

From his Twitter account:

  • Got mugged today at Bellagio. Black guy pulled a knife on me in the restroom. I gave him the $2k in my wallet and he left.
  • I called security, but they took like 15 mins so they didn’t catch him. They are useless twits. Didn’t even ask me to look at camera footage
  • Security pretty much just said oh well, life sucks, have a nice day. I’m pretty annoyed.

Why’d he have to be a black guy Scott, huh?

In related Scott Montgomery news, he’s now dating Annette Obrestad, a woman. While we wouldn’t get carried away calling this a “poker power couple” we are surprised it took so long for Annette to find a bf on the circuit. Especially since, let’s just say, guys like the one who allegedly robbed Scott LOVE Annette, you know? Surprised she hasn’t dated Paul Darden, Michael Carroll, and Elix Powers already.

Anyway, read more about the harrowing robbery account here. Read more about Montgomery and Obrestad here.


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  1. Vinny B.

    October 11, 2010 2:51 pm, Reply

    I felt sorry for him getting jacked until you mentioned he was dating that cow Annette. Even Montgomery, as ugly as he is, can do better than that.

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