Scotty Nguyen Makes Scotty Nguyen Poker Challenge Final Table

Scottynguyen1For some reason, 124 poker players traveled to Tulsa, OK [to play the Scotty Nguyen $5k Poker Challenge].

Final table play began today at noon Tulsa time. Among the remaining nine included, just this, Scotty Nguyen! The very same Scotty Nguyen whose tournament this is. OMG!!! LOL!!! 😛

Nguyen wanted to have the final table play through the night, as he had to catch a flight to Macau for another poker event. Instead, play start time was moved from 3pm to noon.

And Scotty must’ve really wanted to catch that flight, as he was recently eliminated in 8th place. Bill Edler was eliminated shortly before him in ninth.

As of post-time, seven remain with Ray Henson as the chip leader, stacked at 622,000. He’s trailed by T.J. Cloutier (519,000) and Gavin Smith (208,000).

Get full chip counts and live blogging from Poker Pages here.


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