Scratch the Last Becker Update, She’s Back Up Over 15k

We relied on a scrub sweat-er for our last Becker update (we were busy in bed with a bevy of Bodog babes, as seen in pic), and it wasn’t exactly accurate.

Our apologies.

The real deal is that Becker was down to 4k after her pocket aces got cracked by a set of fives. Becker then was all-in with pocket twos (one a club) and got called by pocket sevens. The board flopped 6-3-4 with two clubs giving Becker a gutshot straight and backdoor flush draw. The turn came an Ace of clubs, and a Queen of clubs on the river gave Becker the flush to save her day. The runner-runner stacked Becker back up to 8,350, and it was the pocket tens vs. A-K scenario we mentioned in the last update that doubled her up again.

She’s now at 15,400 moments before the dinner break.

On a side note, when we walked over to Becker’s table she pointed out an interesting hand taking place over at the table next to her. One player was all-in with pocket aces and another showed suited pocket kings. Yes, suited. See a pic and read about it over at and check out a similar scenario that happened on Day 1B.



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