Screw It, Part II

Sinatra.  Gaye.  Matusow.

MatusowOver at Mike "the Mouth" Matusow’s table, a three way all in took place between A-A, K-K, and Q-Q.  The flop produced 2-6-8.  The turn another 8.  The river…a Queen. 

While not involved in the hand, Matusow got up and started singing, "Poker…Poker…it’s all about skill." He continued crooning the song to himself well after the hand was finished.  The beneficiary of the "skill" was Dave Seidman of Chicago, IL.  The pot put his over 50k.

Huck Seed is on a rollercoaster now, going down to 16k and back up to 25k.  Ivey is back up to 27k.  And Atlanta’s Matthew Hilger is still well over 100k.


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