Screw It, We’ve Changed The Title and Content of This Post A Dozen Times Now

All of this talking about poker has Wicked Chops ready to actually play some poker.  So tomorrow we’ll be sitting down at the Orleans Casino at noon for a game.  Once we get our poker fix, we’ll head back to the Rio and pick up coverage again. 

Some updates before we head…the man who knocked Doyle Brunson out, Atlanta’s own Matthew Hilger, has built a 100k plus tower of chips.  He’s continually throwing big bets out at his opponents and claiming pots. 

Chops_iveyPhil Ivey has just taken a seat behind us, literally a foot away (see photo, Chops foreground left and Phil a foot away, literally). He won about a 2k pot to get near 10k.  We watched him take another for 2k shortly after that. 

Ok, we’ve decided to hold off on leaving. We’re about to experience a Phil Ivey poker clinic. Also, a very animated, Yosemite Sam look-a-like that ESPN will have coverage on has moved right by us.  We’re in it till the bitter end now.

Snake talked to Arnold Spee at the break.  Arnold has 27k, but some crazy guy in the seat next to him (Bob Hutchandani (sp) from Belize – photo, left) has well over 100k.  That would put him at or near the current chip lead.

Spee_belizeAll right, Yosemite Sam just got knocked out.  He went all in with pocket 7’s and was called by an A-K.  The board ended up T-8-8-T-9.  So his 7’s became irrelevant, and the Ace kicker takes it. 

More to come…

Update: The guy sitting next to Ivey is blaring "Centerfield" by John Fogerty (right?) in his iPod.  You know, "Put me in coach…I’m ready to play…today.  Look at me…I can be…centerfield!"  Odd.  Apparently he needs to turn the tunes down, as he’s in the middle of a dispute right now.  He didn’t hear an all in call, and he raised 2,000 (thinking it was folds all around).  Then he was told that the lady went all in, and he took the 2k back and was told by the table to muck the cards (without being given the option to fold or call).  The tournament director has been called to the table.  Ivey has spoken up and said that it’s "unfair" for him to keep the 2k in the pot.  But since he didn’t "verbalize" (according to the tournament director) the raise (he just threw it in), he’s not forced to call the full all in, but his cards remain mucked and he loses his 2k.  Interesting. 

By the way, the iPod is off now.

Update: Ivey is all in against one of the table’s big stacks (pre-flop).  Ivey has been watching this guy a lot.  Might have a read.  The big stack had raised, then Ivey moved all in.  The big stack is thinking about it…and folds.

Update: Ivey is at it again.  He’s now thrown a 6k raise on the turn (an uncoordinated board) and won about a 4k.  His opponent tells Ivey, "Nice bet."  Ivey responds, "I learned it from you."  These two went at it earlier at table 48.


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