Sealey’s Table Just Got Brutally Tougher

Sealeystable_1Just before dinner break and Sealey’s already brutally tough table just got even brutally tougher. Chris Ferguson just sat down on Sealey’s right, and Jason Lester is now sitting in the five seat.


When asked to comment on this first day WSOP nightmare scenario, Sealey said, "I didn’t think I’d be the worst player at my table on the first day."

Perhaps Sealey’s final table experience at the Aussie Millions will serve him well here. But who are we kidding. This is ridiculous.

And Veltheer was getting involved in a huge pot with Antonius right before the break. Waiting on word now of how it played out.

UPDATE: Here’s how the Veltheer hand went down. Final hand before dinner break, blinds at 100-200, Antonius raises from MP to 900. Veltheer reraises from MP to 3,200. Antonius goes into the tank for about two minutes, then calls. Flop comes out Kc-4c-3d. Antonius checks. Veltheer bets out 3,200. Antonius goes into the tank again, eventually mucking, showing 8-8. Veltheer shows J-J. At the break, Veltheer is up to 15,120 now. Sealey is at 22k.


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