See Bill Rini’s Headline Re: Cashing Out at Tony G. Poker

Tonyg1Over the weekend, we got wind that Tony G., the former Lithuanian Rubik’s cube champion and the mad man behind, had cut off U.S. players from playing at, the site the poker pro first launched in 2005 as his personal home on the Web and eventually became an online poker room last summer.

And while the news of a site shutting off U.S. players isn’t news these days what is news is that U.S. players, without any advance heads-ups of the move, were left with no other option than to trust Tony G. by transfering all the money in their accounts directly over to Tony G.’s personal account on the site, then send an email to support at Tony G. Poker to tell them their player IDs over at either UltimateBet, FullTilt, or PokerStars so that Tony G. can transfer their money there.


Go read Tony G.’s blog on the shutdown and cashout process or read‘s post on the matter entitled Cashout From TonyG Poker = Send Your Money to TonyG, which is almost word for word the headline we were going to use, hence the headline we used.

It’s worth noting that the comments to Tony G.’s blog entry suggest that the process has been rather slow for many players, as expected, but people do seem to be getting their money transferred, much like the opposite of Neteller.


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