Seven Months Since Black Friday: Revisiting the BLUFF Power 20

Editor’s Note: The below post appears in full in Wicked Chops Insider here. It provides a future look at what a Post Black Friday Power 20 list could look like. The above vid shows how people are fighting the power at Occupy Wallstreet.

We’re now seven months after The Events of 4/15TM. Each month, we like to examine how elements within the industry have changed or been impacted. This month, we’re focusing on the industry power players.

Each year, BLUFF Magazine polls about 100 media members, industry insiders, and players to compile their Poker Power 20list. In 2011, Howard Lederer was #1, gracing the cover (here) front-and-center practically with his balls dangling out of his pants.

Oh, have times have changed.

In 2012, if they do the poll again, Lederer wouldn’t even chart.

With that in mind, we re-polled some industry insiders (some who typically vote, some who don’t) for their take on what the list would look like seven months after Black Friday.

We expect the list to look even differently in four-to-five months, when BLUFF does their real Power 20 rankings. But for now, here’s how some insiders see it…and why.

1. Jim Ryan (previous rank: 19) – As CEO of, Jim Ryan was already managing a complex, far-reaching, profitable and public entity. After pulling off a massive alliance with MGM and Boyd Gaming , Ryan and have a chance to eventually dominate the U.S. (industry analysts estimate they’ll control 20% U.S. marketshare) and be the largest online gaming company in the world. On top of that, while PokerStars and Wynn established a 50-50 revenue split, Ryan steered to a 65% cut in their alliance with MGM-Boyd. For those reasons–he tops the post-Black Friday list.

2. Isai Scheinberg

3. Mitch Garber

4. Dominik Kofert

5. Preet Bharara 

Read the list in full on Insider here.


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