Shana Hiatt and Sabina Gadecki Must Have the Same Stylist

We’re no fashionistas here at Wicked Chops Poker, seriously we don’t have a clue about the “world of fashion” and its peculiar manner of describing clothing, but one of us did notice that the leopard print dress seems to be the le style du jour for poker TV show hostesses these days (and apparently young British girls as well, but that’s another story).

First, over at the “Poker After Dark” website you have a series of photos with Shana Hiatt donning an alluringly classic, leopard print, knee-length dress featuring a sweetheart neckline with a slight A-line shape and what looks like empire seaming, and then over at Sabina Gadecki’s MySpace page we noticed the new WPT hostess wearing a stunningly sexy, leopard print, tea-length dress with a very fitted shape that accentuates a sweetheart neckline with seductive lace.

We mean, yeh, both broads are in leopard dresses and look smoking hot, man.

So who do we think looks hotter in leopard? Well, what’s the meaning of life would be an easier question to answer than that but if we had to choose we’d pick the girl who hosts a poker show and whose name starts with an “S.” Yes, a cop out but screw you for asking such tough questions.

After the jump, two other leopard dress photos of Sabina as well as the above photo of Sabina, but larger. And better. Because it’s larger. Also be sure to check out Sabina Gadecki’s new official website,, which is loaded with photos, a blog, downloads and video clips of her doing the WPT thing.



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