Shannon Elizabeth Goes Down In Four-Way Action

ShannonclosestandingIn the middle of a four-way, Shannon Elizabeth is forced to swallow her pride and gets sent to the rail.  Shannon was all-in with two Jacks and was not only up against two Queens, but also a pocket rocket and a big slick. 

The board ended up 4-2-3-4-5, giving both the rockets and slick the wheel and Shannon and the Queens the rail. 

Shannon still had an impressive WSOP.  After making it deep in the media/celebrity tournament (ousted by Pauly), the Bodog babe showed great timing at the table, generally knowing when to put her stack at risk (except this last hand) and bested nearly 4,000 rounders in the Main Event.  We’re guessing we’ll see Shannon back at the WSOP next year as well as other major tournaments and celeb events. As for her non-poker-playing hanger-on boyfriend who’s been puppy doggy-ing around the past 4 days, well, we’re guessing he’ll be tossed to the muck sooner than later.



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