Shannon Elizabeth is an Actress

Shannonelizabeth_wsopWith regular appearances at poker tournaments and on the red carpet of poker-related parties, Shannon Elizabeth has almost become as famous for her card tossing exploits as for her titillating exposé of an adventurous yet generally misunderstood foreign exchange student in the groundbreaking, coming-of-age (or was it coming-in-a-baked-good) film American Pie.

In fact we almost forgot she was an actress.

Or was she ever?

Thespianic appraisal aside, it has been announced that the beauty has landed a major role in the upcoming poker film, Deal, which looks to be a poker rendition of The Color of Money. Playing the part of the Paul Newman-like mentor will be Burt Reynolds, and in the Tom Cruise shoes will be Bret Harrison, who currently stars on the new TV show, “The Loop,” which we aren’t sure what we think of yet.

In the Gil Cates, Jr. written and to-be-directed-by film, Reynolds plays an ex-gambler who teaches Harrison’s character how to play poker. The two have a falling out and (ok, if you don’t want an unexpected spoiler don’t read on) the mentor and protege find themselves competing heads up in the World Poker Tour championships.

Cameos include poker pros Phil “The Unabomber” Laak and Antonio “The Magician” Esfandiari, as well as Mike Sexton’s sidekick Vince Van Patten.

In other Shannon Elizabeth, semi-poker related news, Elizabeth’s ex and Annie Duke’s current has filed a lawsuit seeking half of all assets the two accumulated during the five years they lived together before they were married.

What a bitch. Reitman that is.

And finally in completely unrelated American Pie alum news, the perpetually sloppy Tara Reid will star in a bowling movie called 7-10 Split. We kid you not. If you have the stomach for it, a very unpleasant photo of a drunk Tara Reid (that’s redundant) after the jump, courtesy of Actually, please don’t look. You see, while masturbating can make you go blind, this photo will make you wish you were.



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