Shannon Elizabeth IS in American Reunion

Looking like today is “poker in pop culture day” at WCP headquarters…

Over the weekend, we tweeted about the surprising lack of poker player Shannon Elizabeth in the American Reunion movie poster. Given that Shannon Elizabeth was in the discussion for “hottest girls in the world” in 1999 (for real, she was huge after the first Pie movie), and how much buzz her Nadia role generated, it seemed like a glaring omission.

Many on Twitter quickly replied that she was in the trailer and definitely in the flick. And as witnessed by her split-second appearance at the :49 second mark, they were right.

Credit Elizabeth for this: her naked appearance as Nadia in the first American Pie movie set the whole “live streaming on the Internet” thing in motion. If she was ever a WPT employee, Steve Lipscomb would’ve probably credited her for the boom in live poker streams. You can make the case that without Nadia and Jim’s awkward romantic encounter, which was witnessed by all of the East Great Falls high school (and Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge, Travis Barker and a monkey), you’d probably never see a WPT final table stream, Live at the Bike, etc.

Shannon Elizabeth is to live web streams what Al Gore is to the Internet, basically.


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