Shannon Elizabeth Looking Good on Dancing with the Stars, But Needs to Show More Leg Next Time

Not sure when this turned into a chick blog, but Dancing with the Stars’ Shannon Elizabeth had yet another strong performance on Dancing with the Stars, which Shannon Elizabeth is on this season.

While Elizabeth scored three 8’s from the judges (which according to our trusty calculator is a 24), she scored three 2’s from the Entities on our "showing leg" chart.

Last week, Shannon was all leg, which was awesome because she’s got two really, really nice legs (unlike Heather Mills, who only has one).

This week though, they were all covered up. Wtf? Did a bear try to eat one of them? Were they caught under a lawnmower? When you have a body part that impressive, you show it off. All the time. There’s a reason why we seldom wear pants, you know.


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