Shannon Elizabeth Might Get Famous Again

Shannon Elizabeth, a poker player, set to appear on Dancing with the StarsPoker playing actress Shannon Elizabeth, who hasn’t been in the mainstream media spotlight since our current/first wives were 8 years younger than they are now . . . and they weren’t current/first wives then . . . just really hot chicks who didn’t do our laundry yet, has been announced as one of the celebrities set to appear on the show “Dancing With The Stars,” which is supposedly a huge hit although we’ve never seen it. Apparently stars of various stature do ballroom style dancing, yes ballroom dancing, and compete for the adoration of dance judges and viewers. And it’s on a major network. Seriously, we’re not making this up. We wish we were.

Shannon Elizabeth won’t be the only poker player on the new season of Dancing With the Stars as comedian/magician Penn Jillette, who we’ve tossed cards with before and actually didn’t annoy us as much as we thought he would, is also scheduled to appear. Others competing include comedian Adam Carolla, football great Jason Taylor, Scientologist Pricilla Presley, Oscar winning actress Marlee Matlin, Steve “I love the 80s” Guttenberg, Cristian De La Fuente (Who?), Marissa Jaret Winokur (What?), Kristi Yamaguchi (figure skater right?), tennis player Monica Seles, and Mario, who apparently is so famous he doesn’t need a last name.

By the way, who is Mario?

Looking at the list of celebrities Shannon is clearly the hot chick on the show, this season’s Stacey Kiebler or Kelly Monaco if you will, which can only mean that really hot photo spreads of Shannon in her next-to-nothings will soon follow in Stuff, Maxim and/or FHM, which is good because she, and more importantly, we desperately need some new really hot photos of Shannon. While her old photos were nice, really hot photo spreads have made considerable advances over the past 8 years. It’s something the Bush administration can be proud of.

Below photos of Stacey Keibler and Kelly Monaco that are worth the click . . .

Stacey_keibler_dancing_with_the_stars Stacy_keibler_dancing_stars Kelly_monaco_bikini_1 Kelly_monaco_bikini

* Thanks to Marissa for the tip


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